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Visiting Hemingway's Grave. A bittersweet summer drive through the mountains of Idaho. via @Esquire @baxterholmes


Recently I’ve been logging between 12-15 hours per week on my main work desktop. This week: 3.5. So there’s the first week of school for you


This looks intriguing. gp|Easy CMS. A Powerful, Lightweight, Flat-File CMS with True-WYSIWYG.


OU Create has now spawned OU's own secret dinner society.


Currently Reading: Towards a Pedagogy of Online Constructionist Learning


Going to start a Connectivist MOOC called "Eating Carbs." Unit 1 requires you to eat carbs in the community of you choice.


For some reason, LinkedIn won't let me add "Eating Carbs" as a "Skill."


Chuck E Cheese. Where dads can go to meet other sleep deprived dads who wish to be overstimulated.


Last quote/tweet is important for . Confederation of apps > large systems. One app "to rule all" need not apply.


“Rather than make an app or website that is a one-stop shop, tech companies are introducing stables of services”