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This is the best @Kickstarter video I've ever seen. $1 mil in five days. Wow.


Updated list of virtual pets owned by my 3 yr old: 3 cats, 2 frogs, a dog, a bunny, and a robot.


Wrote a new blog post because I finished my Masters in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine last week:


Pretty excited about this special treat for my fall class. A video introduction from a certain famous frog:


Open Networked News Curriculum. "Global Network of Collaborating
Student Writers" cc @edkelley16


Also can't say enough about the experience I received running a local radio show. Truly changed my life. @kxoufm


Played him on my ol college radio show. The press he deserves! "The Sad, Sweet Songs of Oklahoma's John Moreland"


Known retweet test 2